Stories about “The Book of Light”

I have received two answers from “The Book of Light” which have left me completely speechless. I consulted the book and received a specific answer, I read it and then said that if the answer meant what I thought it meant then let me receive it again. To my amazement I received precisely the same message. A sign that my interpretation of the message was correct!
The second time, I just started reading the message I received but did not finish it. I did not see the connection between what I had asked about and the answer, and for the first time I did not read it through. I postponed reading it for a week, always finding excuses. The following weekend I consulted the book again and then I remembered I had not read the answer from the previous week. It sounds incredible but I received exactly the same message. The one I had not read before. On that day I read it, reread it, I cried and I understood.

M Teresa

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