When you were up here, before reincarnating, you were given a mission.
All souls go to earth with a mission. To have a purpose in life is part of the experience of matter.
Survival in itself is not a spiritual purpose.
Working only to make and accumulate wealth is not a spiritual purpose.
Experience, for example is a purpose. To go through certain experiences in order to discover the confines and extent to which the spirit can participate in matter, this is a purpose.
However, once people are born they tend only to focus on their own survival.
The most important spiritual values are annulled in the name of survival. In the name of survival, we disregard our true reason for being.
Nothing happens unless you have a purpose in life. And even then, nothing spiritually worthwhile will ever happen, if you only focus on material return.
Look inside yourself and question the purpose of this initiative.
What purpose does it serve? How does this help humanity or those people closest to you?
Why are you doing this? Is it for you, so that you feel more complete, or is it so that you have some material or emotional return?
Look into your heart and feel.
And you will find the answer.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Messages from Readers

I don´t have any stories to tell about "The Book of Light"...but I can share, with all the gratitude in my heart, all the occasions in which I felt such a deep emotion to see how the messages matched exactly what I was experiencing in that moment. It is a very good feeling of not being alone anymore!

Wish you all the best,

I just wanted to thank you for the teachings of "The Book of Light" and for your course as well. Thank you for helping me on my spiritual journey, and thank you Jesus, for being our Great Master.

Otília Silveira


Stories about “The Book of Light”

Hi, my name is Ana Ferreira and I would like to comment on an episode regarding “The Book of Light”. Every night I have dreams and in the past, on waking up, I used to write them down on a notebook and decipher them, yet I did not feel what my soul wanted to tell me, I wrote what I saw but paid no attention to the emotions I felt in the dreams. 

But from the moment I received the message “Before Waking” I started to give priority to these emotions, to what I feel in a dream, and I started to notice that these are the emotions I feel from day-to-day…exactly the same! I wake up and remain still, feeling what my soul wants to tell me, alert me to …and that message has really helped me. 

It was with Alexandra´s book that I started to believe more in Heaven, to have Faith, and I thank Alexandra Solnado for the magnificent work she has been doing, for the book she has published and which really help us to find the way to the Light and Unconditional Love!

Ana Ferreira



You are in harmony with heaven and all of heaven is in harmony with you.
We talk and you are able to hear us. When one is willing to do this, it can only yield positive and long-lasting benefits.
Just like a flowing river that does not wish to map out its course, but goes where destiny takes it.
This is your truth. You go where you are taken and you are happy this way. This is a sublime attitude, and heaven thanks you for it. It will all work out well.
Whatever it is, it will be what is best for you.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado