Stories about "The Book of Light"

During a weekend of total solitude, I made this wonderful discovery with “The Book of Light”…it was something really life changing for me - I could have really meaningful dialogues with my friend J. !!!! (that´s how I like to call Jesus).

Since I am already in my forties, some deep issues had been surfacing lately in my life. Issues I didn’t know how to cope with, how to deal with…that´s why I decided to consult “The Book of Light”. It was my first experience with the book, and I didn’t´ know how it would go, I had no real expectations…Well, call it an experience! An amazing experience!!!

I started by asking a very, very personal question and the answer was…. “The Honesty of the Essence”. Wow! Right on target! Exactly what I needed to hear (or read!).  So I went on, asking  one question after another… and I was completely taken aback. It was as if I was really talking to J. about all the issues that really mattered to me. I won´t go into details, but I´ll just say one thing. Apart from having the BEST conversation I had had for a very long time, J. really gave me the means to find my own solutions. It´s like He says, the “answers are within”. But if wasn´t for the Light of this book, I wouldn´t ever have found them.

Thank You Alexandra for being His messenger
and Thank You, my friend J., for all the Light you´ve shed on my life

Charlotte M. Claudell


Testimonials - "The Book of Light"

Hi Alexandra!

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me – the messages of “The Book of Light” bring such a great comfort, they are really a wake up call for what we really are. When I felt “lost”, some time ago, it was you, Alexandra, who pointed me the way and who made me see who I really am. Thank you for everything.

Best wishes and a friendly hug


The Inner Journey

Human beings, all my actions are focused on human beings. Every word, every expression.
It is they whom I talk about, it is they that I am concerned about, and it is they I dedicate everything to.
Human beings, all my actions are focused on human beings.
Each of my words is inspired by man’s suffering and his inability to free himself from his pain.
In his search for happiness, man has crossed boundaries, built monuments, sailed through unknown seas, reached the moon, wandered through the stars, and built devices to observe the galaxies.
Yet in his search for happiness, man has always searched outside himself.
Happiness is the capacity man has to look within himself and to face his demons”, head on. It is not about avoiding them but about revealing and confronting them.
We have yet to build a ship that can make the journey to the depths of our inner self.
Would you like me to take you?


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Stories about “The Book of Light”

I have received two answers from “The Book of Light” which have left me completely speechless. I consulted the book and received a specific answer, I read it and then said that if the answer meant what I thought it meant then let me receive it again. To my amazement I received precisely the same message. A sign that my interpretation of the message was correct!
The second time, I just started reading the message I received but did not finish it. I did not see the connection between what I had asked about and the answer, and for the first time I did not read it through. I postponed reading it for a week, always finding excuses. The following weekend I consulted the book again and then I remembered I had not read the answer from the previous week. It sounds incredible but I received exactly the same message. The one I had not read before. On that day I read it, reread it, I cried and I understood.

M Teresa