Testimonials - "The Book of Light"

There´s a lot to say about "The Book of Light"…like all the touching, transforming, wise and exciting stories that have happened to me. Although I´m not going to share any in particular, I would like to say that all the messages I have read, in different situations, always brought me the relief I was looking for in that moment. Either it was tears of a restrained cry or the perception of a telling-off that helped me come back to reality.

Thank you Jesus for having sent all these messages, always with such tenderness, peace with no taboos nor punishments.

Thank you Alexandra for having been the “vehicle” of all these messages!

Carmen Rocha


Opening Up

Begin to open up, especially your heart. With each new situation in life, comes the need for you to open up that bit more.
To open up to new opportunities, and to stop being ostentatiously wrapped up in your own expectations.
The world has much more to offer than you can ever imagine. But you need to open up your mind, and more importantly, your heart.
Open up, so that you may learn, receive more, and avoid becoming stagnant, by doing only what you already know and is familiar to you.
Open up. Open everything up. Open yourself up to the world. Open up your mind and your capacities. Do not get stuck in the same old routine.
First and foremost, open your heart. Your heart is your prerogative. Your heart will allow you to detect flaws, deceptions, or successful opportunities.
It will be your heart that intuitively discerns what is, and what is not right for you.
And only once you have understood which path to take on this journey, may you move forward.
Open up to heaven. Open up to earth, and learn that everything, absolutely everything in the Universe is committed to infinity.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Messages from Readers

Thank you for the beautiful messages that now enlighten my daily life. The message I get is exactly what I need to hear on that moment. Always. Thank you!

Ana Isabel Paliteiro

I want to thank you for the strength you have given me with the messages of The Book of Light. I show them to my colleagues so that they too can meditate and see life with a new perspective. God bless you.

Big hug


Stories about "The Book of Light"

I want to thank you for the opportunity of sharing a bit of my love story with “The Book of Light”. One morning, while I was consulting a book about the wisdom of life, I got a message saying I would receive a gift.
As I got to work, I met a friend who had just bought “The Book of Light”. As soon as I took the first two symbols, I realized I had much more than a simple book in my hand. I spent the whole afternoon asking questions and receiving answers. After a few days, almost all of my colleagues at work wanted to take the symbols too. I bought the book as well and I started carrying it with me all the time.  Such a precious treasure can´t be guarded, it has to - and should be - shared by everyone.
All my colleagues who chose to follow the Light, have radically changed their lives, including myself. “The Book of Light” is my daily guide. There are days when the pain is so much that I get on my knees and cry …and others that I reach up so high in Heaven that I don´t even want to get down. It is not easy, but it is REALLY worth it…
“The Book of Light” has taken me to so many places inside me, and outside too. The messages have such a transforming power. Vital messages for all humankind and of such an exceptional love. I have been waiting for you for a very long time…