Spiritual Dimension

Everyone has a secret side. A hidden side, a part of him that lies latent.
A place buried deep within, where only those who believe in their cosmic existence may enter, where only those who are attentive, fragile, and defenseless may enter.
Entry is permitted only to those who wish to get in touch with their feelings, regardless of the inherent risks involved; to those who are willing to accept the unknown; to those who accept pain in all its magnitude, just as they accept light as it transcends; to those who accept absolute duality, and only to those who accept that good and evil are part of the same sphere and do not yearn for days of happiness when faced with pain.
These days will arrive once you have gone through the pain. Every person has a spiritual dimension. In order to access this, you have to cleanse your thoughts, put on some music, and be. Simply be.
Just remain there, listening to music and letting it vibrate through the foundations of life. That is to say, through yourself, without thinking, without feeling. Only being.
And a magnetic gateway will open up a whole new world of awareness. Remain in this world. Stay there and build, gather, and strengthen that vibration.
And as each day passes, you will find it easier to access, to remove all thoughts from your head, and to simply vibrate. Just be. This is only the beginning.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Live your life to the fullest

Are you enjoying your life?
Or are you just living it…
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest!

A new life is calling you now. New people, new events. Nothing has to be perfect. But it has to be new. Let life happen and you will see how wonderful and organized it is.

The Book of Light - Ask and Heaven Will Answer
by Alexandra Solnado


Questioning Yourself

These are times of deconstruction. Everything they taught you to take for granted no longer is. Or may no longer be. Or at the very least should be questioned.
Everything you believed to be certain may fall apart at the seams. Things are not the problem. You are the problem. You may try to get things to turn out well, the way you always imagined they would. You may do your utmost for things to remain as they are so as to avoid feeling scared and uncomfortable. You may try. But you will not succeed.
All the old structures are now falling apart. Everything you counted on, you may now discard. You may stop counting on them.
Question them. Question everything. Even if you find it hard. Even if it means you have to let go of control. What is here today may not be here tomorrow. Or may never again exist. Question everything. Work, relationships, family, finances, security, protection, everything. And if you think this is still not enough, do something that is even more radical: Question yourself.
Call into question your position at work. Question yourself in terms of your relationships, your family, and your finances. Question yourself, and you will see a new “I” emerging. One who is more secure, more adventurous, and stronger overall. Not with the strength that stems from the ego but with the strength of someone who has accepted that everything may change and anything may happen as long as you do not renounce that pure and crystalline energy that makes up the being you are.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Messages from Readers

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for the Message of Light I received, called “Mission”. It came as an answer to doubts I had all my life and… I felt the warmth energy of Jesus guiding me.



It´s unbelievable how your weekly Messages of Light always arrive at the right time. They always bring a spiritual guidance to something that´s happening in my life at that precise moment. And on less fortunate times, they bring me comfort and peace.

I just wanted to thank You Jesus
and wish you, Alexandra,  the best on your Journey