“The Book of Light” wins two second places in International Latino Book Award 2012

International author and healer, Alexandra Solnado, has just won two second places in the largest and most important Latino book awards in the USA -  the 14th Annual International Latino Book Awards - held June 5, 2012 at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City.

“The Book of Light” has won 2º Place in Best Spiritual /New Age Book – English…and “El Libro de la Luz” has won 2º Place in Best Spiritual/New Age Book – Spanish or Bilingual. Same book, in different languages, wins two prizes!

During the evening 148 authors and publishers were honored. Each year the International Latino Book Awards are held during BookExpo America, the largest publishing trade show in the United States. The awards are truly an international event with authors and publishers from across the USA, 14 countries in Latin America, Spain and other countries.

In September, “El Libro de la Luz” will be published in Spain, by the prestigious “Editorial Planeta”, the largest and most renowned publisher of Spanish language worldwide.

If you still dont´ know about “The Book of Light”, what are you waiting for?

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The Search

Stop searching for me at altars, in prayers, and in processions.
I am here.
I am no longer the one who you worship, that mournful image.
I am alive, and I am here.
I am here as energy, in a new dimension.
In a dimension that you will have to explore and brave if you wish to be with me.
If you truly wish to be with me.
It has been a long time since I was last in that dimension.
I am no longer there.
At least not this I, the “I” that I wish you to be acquainted with.
This I, who is more complete and less temporal.
This I, who is more vibrant, energetic, and intense.
This I of light.
Stop looking for me on the outside.
I am here.
Right here, deep inside you.
And every time you look within yourself, you will see me.
And you will realize that I am no longer in those paintings in antique frames or in the cathedrals.
I am here inside you, as energy, to help you discover yourself and to feel, deeply feel, who you truly are.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Testimonial - “The Book of Light”

Dear Alexandra,

Thank You so much for taking the time and guiding me in the right direction once again. Since I have started to read your messages, i have become a lot me at peace with myself. Accepting and forgiving myself. Although I have always taken ownership of everything that I say or do, I have come to realize that not everyone is like me and that I have to be more tolerant of people as they do not like to admit that they can be wrong. Thank you for your messages of love and light. As in one of your messages, it is very clearly states that everything one  does has repercussions and if we do not harmonize the wrongs we did then it will come back in a very unpleasant experience. 

Thank you once again for your healing light and love.



A Twist of Your Wings

It seems that people want to do only what they are familiar with.
What they know gives them comfort.
Naturally, there is never any risk for those who think this way.
There is never an element of surprise.
They surround themselves with their own concepts, which are often based on preconceptions, as a way of avoiding risks and “committing” an adventure.
I say “committing” because it would seem that to venture out is a crime.
To take a risk, to go in search of the unknown.
To add an element of surprise.
Yes indeed, the element of surprise.
Imagine that a bird is flying, yet with a twist of its wings in midflight it changes direction abruptly, without prior warning, without preparation.
At the calling of the wind. At the calling of life.
Go on, take a risk. “Commit” your element of surprise. Agree to follow those unknown paths.
Move out of your comfort zone.
Take a risk.
Only the great adventurers have a crystal-clear essence.
Only the great adventurers have great stories to tell.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado