Man waits patiently for instructions from heaven. He trusts completely in heaven. He has learned which path to follow, and he has learned how to keep his path protected.
The man who delivers himself over to heaven makes life easier for himself. He stops experiencing loss, he stops having to fight for everything. His life is a river where water warmly flows.
He is committed to his mission, and he succeeds in this mission. The path ahead no longer holds secrets, because fear no longer exists. There is only faith and deliverance. Successive reincarnations have taught man how to stop struggling, how to flow.
When things are going well, he moves ahead. When something is wrong, he delivers it up to heaven. This deliverance is your light, your shining light. Everything is in its place. Man flows, heaven commands, and the two continue the journey in harmony.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Messages from Readers - "The Book of Light"

Hello, Alexandra

I love Jesus with all of my heart. It is now more than ever that I seek spiritual guidance...it is now more than ever my soul yearns to trust in all that I know in my heart is true...I am grateful to God for bringing you and "The Book of Light" to me.