Challenge Yourself

Climb the highest mountains of your fears
Swim in the wildest waters of your dreams
Cross the deepest desert of your loneliness
Jump from the hardest abyss of your secrets
Fly in the broadest sky of your freedom
All this is up to you...

Discover how far you can go



Is my belief system rigid? Do I ever change my mind? Once I have formed an opinion, do I exclude everything else? I am “biased.” Preconception, an idea formed beforehand . . .A notion or opinion formed before you have gained an understanding of the issue at hand.
Our mind should be like the sky, studded with stars. There is always something in motion. There is always a star shining, a galaxy in movement, a supernova exploding, a star that is dying, and so many others that are being born.
Nothing ever comes to a standstill, neither in the sky nor in your life. Bear in mind that what exists today, may not exist tomorrow. And what existed yesterday may—or may not—remain the same.
On the day your belief system finally admits that anything is possible, that anything can happen, your indigo chakra will open itself to an infinite number of opportunities.
And when your mind opens and elevates itself, you begin to express what you feel, rather than what you think. You no longer need words to communicate, because a simple glance, touch, or smile can lead to a more valuable, intuitive, sacred, and eternal form of communication. And with freedom of communication you intuitively know what to say and how to say it.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Testimonial - "The Book of Light"

One of the best things for me regarding “The Book of Light” is that, whether I make a wrong choice or do something wrong, Jesus always kindly teaches me how to get back on track. He doesn´t blame me nor judge me. Ever. He just makes me think, and specially feel, why have I done this? What made me feel like this for me to react like that? What were the real “emotional reasons”? And I just know (now) that everything happens for a reason. It´s really a wonderful book and, for me, a constant source of heavenly self-discovery. Amazing!

Many blessings
Margareth David Borough


Messages from Readers

I'm grateful to Jesus for helping you to make “The Book of Light" and for guiding me to find it when I just lost my job. I feel like He save my life for a reason. Thank you Jesus and Alexandra.



Thank You so Much, beyond words for all your resounding messages. You got the true meaning of giving to others. GOD BLESS YOU.