Thank You

Thank you for all your blessings.
Thank you for this incarnation.
Thank you for being able to vibrate in matter.
For learning from it.
Thank you for the vibration.
Thank you for the incredible emotion, good or bad, strong or weak, which I am allowed to experience every day.
Thank you for the days.
Thank you for the pain, which, once freed, transforms into joy. Thank you for the night, which, once lived, transforms into day.
Let everything be exactly
As it is meant to be
So that I may arrive precisely
Where I can see
The Light
Where I may have


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Testimonials - "The Book of Light"

It´s Superb! These Messages from “The Book of Light” fill my soul and enrich my life. Thank you for the tenderness and simplicity in which you share Jesus teachings with all of us.

Bless You


Life in Light

Come up here, to heaven. To see what you can do, down there. 
To doubt. To be afraid. Work on your fear. 
Implement this down there. With thoroughness. By making adjustments. Without outbursts of ego, without complacency. Just be thorough. Make a commitment to implement what exists up here in light. That is all. And this is what life should be about.
Life should be about only this. To come up here and to then put it all into practice down there. Use your intelligence, use the mental dimension to organize strategies and reunite armies so as to implement the life in light that you have up here, down there. That is all.
And why does this prove to be so complicated?
Because of fear. Because of control.
Can you do it?


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado