Receive Me

I am here.
In truth, I am always here.
You just have to prepare yourself to receive me.
All you need do is prepare to receive my energy.
And in order to slowly receive my energy you too
have to be like this… slow.
So that your cells open up to receive me.
So that on opening up they release all the heaviness they possess.
All the negativity.
And I will absorb this negativity, and I will switch the poles.
Where there was dark, there will now be light.
Where there was sound, there will now be nothing.
A void.
And it is in this void that the soul will manifest itself.
And I will be in this manifestation, in all my magnitude.
In all my plenitude.
For it is in each cell that I most exist as a whole and it is
the sum of these cells that makes me who I am today.
Absolute energy.
And it is there, in that place on Earth, where on vibrating
so high that you move closer to heaven and encounter me.



Testimonials of "The Book of Light"

Hello Alexandra,

I would like to tell you my opinion regarding “The Book of Light”.
For me, this book is much more than a simple book. I consult it everyday with a simple question like – “what is the message Jesus has for me?” or “what do I need to know?” And the message always comes at the right time. At the beginning I was completely amazed, I just wondered “is it really for me?” And then, something would happen along the day that would always made me understand the meaning of the answer. It was as if in the morning He gave me His wise advice for the day. Then I started to accept it - ok this is for me. Now the book already makes part of my spiritual journey, wherever I go I always take “The Book of Light” with me.
I thank Jesus for this heavenly gift and Alexandra for accepting to be His channel, guiding us in this wonderful journey of self-discovery and for finally finding the meaning of my life.

With Love
Isabel Sousa 


The Book of Light

You are the reason I created this book.
How many times have you had doubts?
How many times have you spoken to me without ever really believing that I would answer you?
How often have you tried to contact me and not succeeded?
This book is for you.
For you who are reading me at this very moment. It is my attempt at communicating with you, at helping you deal with your anxieties.
These are texts of light that will fill you with energy.
 I hope they will help to enlighten you on the fundamental issues that you face on a daily basis.




You have heard about climate change, I know you have.
About climate change, due to global warming. About economic changes, due to the crisis.
About professional changes, where a job for life no longer exists. About emotional changes, where even love is different. But the most impressive are spiritual changes, with people moving away from dogmatic and restrictive religions and beginning to follow their own paths towards spiritual freedom.
This is the world we live in, extremely demanding, yet with opportunities beyond compare in the history of Mankind.
The motto now is choice. We no longer have to do what our mother, father, priest or boss tells us to do. We have to make our own decisions. Right or wrong, they are ours. This freedom is priceless.
As you see, the world is giving us a sign. Change.
No matter how much change we constantly see around us, it is from within that it really starts. 
And you, have you started yours?