A piece of advice for you:
Try to be someone your essence would be proud of.
Try to be the way it would like you to be.
Your essence is the most intimate part of you. It is the purest energy.
When you are something it can be proud of, it is a sign that you are already in touch with your essence, that you know and respect what your essence is.
And you want to be like your essence because you recognize that this energy is unique and undistorted.
When you try to be someone else, your essence becomes sad, downhearted, and withdrawn. When you accept and forgive yourself, it becomes free, powerful, and crystalline. It lives longer and is able to fulfill more missions on earth.
You live happily because you know who you are and you know how to handle it.
And I, up above, watch another star shine. This is the connection between the mind, which is the high frequency of acceptance, and light, the high frequency of the essence.
Try to live the way your essence would like you to. You will live longer and be happier.
And as for the ego, that voice in your head that tells you not to take risks, not to move ahead, that says you are incapable, that it isn’t worth it, simply reject this self-restrictive energy and send it up here.
We will sort it out.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Stories about "The Book of Light"

I really need to share my story about this surprising book. I was having love problems, conflicts at work and with my family, well, it was like my life was really on a bad spin. A friend of mine had talked about this book and seeing the messy state I was in, told me to just try it…I only had to ask a question. So I did, I asked why is all this happening to me now? And Jesus answer was Energetic Connections. Nothing was really happening to me. I was the one “happening “ to others.  The message made me think and change my relationship with others. And with myself. For that…

Thank you Jesus and Alexandra
Your words made my world better

Violet Hillstone


Life Introducing Itself

Your life has strength. It has energy. 
It has a will all its own.
If you stopped doing all the things you do today, if you stopped worrying, if you stopped rationalizing and being controlling, you would notice something phenomenal.
A phenomenon that few people witness, precisely because they are unable to stop doing the things they do, unable to stop worrying, rationalizing, and trying to be in control.
And if you can do this, you will finally be able to see life introducing itself. You will realize that life moves on its own. It moves forward by itself. Life moves on its own accord, filled with energetic gravity.
You will be only where you need to be.
You will do only what you need to do.
This is an unbending universal law.
And everything that contradicts this will only attract pain, loss, and suffering. And who knows where you should be now and what you should be doing now? Who? you ask. You? Your ego? No. Life. 
Only life knows where to go, which way to go, and how to get there. Only life. And if you stop thinking that you know, that you can, and that you have to, you will allow life to carry you. You will put life first. You will recognize that it is right.
And life—light and free; such is its nature—will meet the demands of your journey and lead you to success. And everything will be in its rightful place. And at the end, we will meet up here to commemorate your life.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Testimonals - The Book of Light

I read “The Book of Light” and it helped me a lot to realize why people had this tendency to abuse my trust. I understood I was wrong by always saying yes to everything and everyone. I started to put Jesus teachings into practice and I became aware that I really had to change my attitude so that things would start to run differently. I learned to value myself and… I must say it worked.

Anna H.