Testimonials - "The Book of Light"

Thank you for your teachings, these messages of light are my daily guide. When I get to my store, I always ask Jesus what should I do before a situation that I´m living in that moment. I open the book at random and there´s the answer! Sometimes I just ask what is His message for me on that day and once again the answer comes at random. But it is always the right one.
Thank you for everything. From the moment I started consulting your Book of Light my life has changed. It is my daily guide, so to speak. And I always try to pass on these teachings to other people. I just give them the book to consult and I feel they start wondering about messages.

Hug of Light
Maria do Socorro


Answers from Heaven

Of an astounding precision.
With a new perspective.
Heaven´s perspective.
These are the answers that may tell you what you always wanted to know. About you.
About your life and everything that makes part of it.
Such as which is your path, when to move forward, when to stop.
Answers that have already changed lives.
Answers that have already saved lives.
These answers bring a new energy, a new kind of knowledge.
A new Age is coming up to you now.   
Through this book. 

Ask and Heaven Will Answer


Messages from Readers

I read your Book of Light and I must say it came right on time for me.  The moment when I most needed to read Jesus messages. The teachings have reached and nurtured my soul and they are helping me to understand life in a different way. Thank you for your dedication and for helping us on our healing process.

Big hug
Margareth M. Sant´Anna

I am very grateful for all your messages of peace and tranquillity. You know, when I used to withdraw to myself I had so many questions and “why´s” for which I didn´t know the answers… Well, now I have found them in your “Book of Light”, which I cherished with deep affection.

A friendly kiss


The Book of Light

This is not just any book.
It is a book on communicating with heaven.
You need to understand and believe that everything has a purpose, and that I, up in heaven, will be able to use my messages to teach you great things.
Talk to me and I will answer you through these texts.
This symbolic language that I send you is a way of making you rethink your intentions, but more importantly it is a way for you to feel my energy.
Read the texts slowly and carefully, and open your heart so that I may enter, so that you may “feel” rather than “think” the answer.