Emotional Heritage

Think about what it means to be in the here and now. Focused on the here and now. In this precise moment. Where you are physically rather than where your mind allows you to be.
Each moment is precious, a gift in itself.
Each moment is precise in its intention.
Each minute you are alive is a time for experiences, for choices and reflection.
You live what you have to live in the present moment. You choose what is best for you and, from then on, live this experience.
And the result of the choice you have made will be your future.
In short, the choices you make today will be reflected in the future.
And when the future arrives, you will realize that it was worth staying in the present.
It will be a more fitting future. It will be a more blessed future.
Live each and every minute. Each moment.
Learn to store away positive emotions.
Every sunset, every breathtaking vision, every moment spent with your loved one, every minute you are alive.
Enjoy and hold on to them. Enjoy and hold on to them.
This will be your emotional heritage. A heritage that will always be on hand when you are feeling sad, when you are feeling downcast.
Each minute of ecstasy that you live in life should be kept for all eternity.
It should be stored away for the future.
You may need it.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado