Messages from Readers

Dear Alexandra,

Your Messages of Light resonate so deep to me. The "Hearing Me" message really felt so personal, I truly related. And your description of Jesus encounters with un-enlighten, perhaps indignant souls was truly touching to me.

I recently gave a second "Book of Light" to a associate at work who suffered hurricane Irene damage. I had introduced the book when I attended the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo and met you this year. "It is a Grand Book". 
It is a blessing to own.

Keep giving your gift. I certainly need to hear it.
Thank You, again and again,



Stories about “The Book of Light”

I can´t resist telling this story about The Book of Light. On a certain day in which I had already asked for several messages, I asked Jesus, almost at dusk, if He had any more messages for me, for I Love Him deeply and since I missed hearing Him I could not resist asking for just one more message. After I had said this, I picked out the symbols and I received Message 42 – Unconditional Love. I just started to cry, feeling so moved, just as I am feeling now.
All the messages have been helping immensely, especially with my self confidence, but his one I will never forget. Thank you!!!!!!

Ana Cristina



One of the most powerful weapons a spiritual being possesses is his conviction in the journey he is taking. When a being knows where he is at, why things happen, and how to learn from them, his journey becomes both luminous and resplendent.
The conviction that this is the right path attracts untold energy.
And when this path is travelled with the dexterity of a king, it, too becomes more convinced of its victory.
Meditation is always the key.
Conviction is the answer.
Even if there are times when the road does not appear harmonious, you should use the chaos to reconnect, and come up to heaven to obtain information.
Life will then become prosperous and abundant.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Messages from Readers

Congratulations for the answers Jesus gives in "The Book of Light" to every question I ask. They are like a gift since they are 100% what I really need to hear. I wish you all a great journey in the LIGHT of I AM WHAT I AM.

Thank you.

Thank you for the Light you´ve sent me with this book. Is it a gift from Heaven?

Big Hug
Ana Fernandes