Stories about “The Book of Light”

My name is Viviany, and four months ago I was a mother for the first time. Since my family lives far away I have literally had to take care of my baby on my own, which has not been easy, especially when my mother-in-law is always making snide remarks. One day, I was really upset and I asked Jesus what to do because I was really desperate and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I received Message 112 – The Soul (The Light) and this message had a beautiful story that seemed directed to me.

On that same day, at night, while I was talking to my mother on the phone about everything that I was having to put up with, she said, “Daughter, you went to Portugal to fulfil a mission so do not ever forget how brightly your light shines!” My mother did not know about the message and I thought it was such an incredible coincidence! And yes, that message was really for me! Since then I always remember my light!  Thank you Jesus! Thank you Alexandra!

Viviany Soares

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