Messages from Readers - "The Book of Light"

Dear Ms. Alexandra,
Hi! I just want to thank you for writing "The Book of Light." I think it is one of the most wonderful and enlightening books that I have ever read. You've made a difference in my life. God bless you.

Bea Castillo
Manila, Philippines



The original path is always one of abundance. If you do not find yourself in a situation of abundance, it means one of two things: either that you are not on your original path or that something is wrong with the course you have taken. If this is the case, stop. Meditate, elevate yourself. There is almost certainly something that is holding you back. You are not acting in accordance with what you believe in. Your thoughts and deliberations are blocking you. You are not free. You are not completely free. The path to freedom is the path to abundance. Dare to be who you really are. And your life will shine twice as brightly because of the boldness you have shown.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Messages from Readers - "The Book of Light"

I read your Book of Light and I must say it came right on time for me.  The moment when I most needed to read Jesus messages. The teachings have reached and nurtured my soul and they are helping me to understand life in a different way. Thank you for your dedication and for helping us on our healing process.

Big hug

I am very grateful for all your messages of peace and tranquillity. You know, when I used to withdraw to myself I had so many questions and “why´s” for which I didn´t know the answers… Well, now I have found them in your “Book of Light”, which I cherished with deep affection.

A friendly kiss


New Emotions

So that you may experience new things, experience new situations, and new emotions. It is no use trying to look for new energetic incentives in life. All the things you can have or do in your present life can change the way you feel, but only for a short time.
An event happens outside you; it provokes an emotion within you. You go through this new emotional experience, your energetic system perceives that change is on its way, it feels insecure and begins to demand your old energy back, and you quickly return to your old ways.
Your belief system, which activates your defense system, is so powerful that rarely does someone permanently elevate his vibrational frequency on account of something that comes from outside. It is very difficult for this to happen.
But the opposite couldn’t be fairer—but it is also more difficult. It goes like this: First you reach a new synthesis, a new way of looking at things. Then you believe in this new synthesis. You begin to incorporate it into your energetic system and your thought process. You begin to vibrate at this frequency. And you reprogram the Universe.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado