Messages from Readers


I wish to thank you for the Messages of Light I receive every week. One way or the other, I ´ve been trying to “fit” their teachings into my life. And you know what? Sometimes, even when I´m down or really need an answer, here comes a message of light...with the answer I needed to hear.

Thank you for helping grow and evolve.
Mary Steen

Thank you for your “Book of Light” and the way it enlightens my life.

Eugene Martin


Extreme Sensitivity

Be sensitive. That is all.
That is all I ask for.
I ask you to be more sensitive so that all that belongs to heaven may flow through your body, through your being, in the truest way possible.
I ask you to be sensitive, to accept that you are sensitive, for this is the direction people must take in order to find their own true path.
Naturally, it is the longest path.
Naturally, it is the purest path.
The one that no one has thought of, no one has subtracted, no one has thought out.
The path to extreme sensitivity is the path of angels who descend to earth to help people advance.
And you may well be that angel. You simply do not remember.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado


Testimonials – “The Book of Light”

I read your book at the most opportune time for me. The moment I needed Jesus teachings to help me deal with some transforming events that were happening in my life.  These teachings have enriched my soul and made me grow. Thank you for helping me in my healing process.

Stay in peace
Margareth Leaffin


Your Love for Me

Your love for me will save you.
The love you feel for me, the light that comes out of your heart, is what is best in you.
And by loving me you are bringing out the best in you.
Hence, the more you love me, the more you vibrate in that extremely high frequency that is love and the longer you will vibrate higher up, bringing out what’s best in you at a cellular level.
And we already know that the more a human being gives of himself, the more abundance he receives from the Universe.
So by loving me, you will be receiving that love from the Universe.
And that love saves.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado