Testimonials - "The Book of Light"

“The Book of Light” was introduced to me by a good friend. She was enormous excited about it, and I have to admit, that her enthusiasm did not really affected me. There are so many 'spiritual' books out there, that I was not convinced that this book would be any different.

Being involved for many years in energy work and in spiritual dowsing, I could not believe that my friend came up with the highest measurement on the 'Conscious Meter', which I had developed some years back, based on the calibrations of Dr. David Hawkins in his book 'Power vs. Force'. 

Most of the time I dowse for confirmation only. Double checking the claim of my friend, I was very surprised that she was right.
Interesting enough opening the book randomly by having a specific question,it opened at the 'Unconditional Love' page several times, something I wholeheartedly believe in. 

This world needs your book and the wonderful guidance it gives to everybody. My best wishes to you and the "Book of Light".

Love & Light,
Wolf Wilbert


Messages from Readers

Light came into my life since I start consulting your book. I thank Jesus, our Great Master, and you, Great Messenger of Unconditional Love. Thank you for all that you have given me.

Lots of love
Teresa Luzio

I just love “The Book of Light”! The messages are really meaningful to our spiritual growth. I always share them with my friends and family. Thank you!!!!


Elizabeth Duarte


Choose for Yourself

Have you ever noticed the power a choice has? When a person chooses in favor of himself, based on who he is and because he wishes to validate himself?
When a person chooses for himself, for the light he has, there is no outcome that can shake him.
No obstacle can make him feel unmotivated. And since this choice comes from within, from the depths of his essence, it has an overwhelming force.
And it creates self-esteem. It creates self-love, self-construction.
It creates energy for making more and more choices. And when the energy of choice liberates itself it creates a wave of movement in the direction of the Universe.
A Universe which gives back in abundance, a calm and pacifying energy.
And others are blinded by his light. And heaven is enriched with each day that passes.
This is the power of a choice.
The power of helping the Universe to grow.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado