Stories about "The Book of Light"

I don´t have the pleasure of knowing you personally but I have been following your work since the beginning. I congratulate you for all the work you have done and keep on doing and for the Being of Light that you are.

For me “The Book of Light” is very different from any other book.  It really gives us answers of Light. It gave me the answer for a question that was troubling my mind for 8 years, at least. And the answer was simply this:

Love. I understood a lot of things then, I opened myself so much to the energy of the answer that afterwards I felt as if I was a channel myself, it was fabulous! Whenever I have questions or need some orientation for what I need to learn on that day, I open the book and the answer never fails, it is always there, right and direct. This book has been a Light in my journey. Thank you.

Bright Hugs of Light

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