Feel the Love

We are going to meditate. Come on. Come and do this meditation with me.
Sit somewhere cozy. Where you feel very comfortable.
Put on some music that you enjoy.
Close your eyes and breathe in deeply a few times.
Feel - you do not need to visualize anything at this stage - a light invading you. A pure light, a healing light.
When you feel light, cleansed, begin to think about all the good things that you have or have had in this life.
Those emotions and fantastic experiences which you have allowed yourself to have throughout life.
The best days.
The best nights.
Summon the energy of those people you have loved and continue to love in this life.
Even those who were not always good to you but whom you loved.
Even those that hurt you but whom you continued to love.
Summon the energy of all those people. And feel the love.
Feel the love you have for them.
Acknowledge that regardless of what has happened between you, they are here in your life to teach you how to love.
And to honor the love that is inside you.
They are in your life to show you that you have all that love there inside you to draw on.
So that you may love without expecting anything in return.
Rather than being something you use to barter, love is a blessing for those who feel it. For those that can feel it. Simply feel it.
Hold on to the energy of those people that are before you. And love.
That is all. Love, love, love.
And regardless of their response to your love, you will feel your energy changing vibration and ascending.
And when your chest is on the brink of bursting open because of all the love that it emanates, raise your conscience and come and show me your love.
For you can only love me if you love other men – or their souls – if you are able to love life.
Therefore, when your chest is almost bursting with the love you feel towards humanity, irrespective of the many flaws it has, you will immediately be loving me.
And loving yourself, for you are part of that immensely imperfect, yet magical race called humanity.