You have heard about climate change, I know you have.
About climate change, due to global warming. About economic changes, due to the crisis.
About professional changes, where a job for life no longer exists. About emotional changes, where even love is different. But the most impressive are spiritual changes, with people moving away from dogmatic and restrictive religions and beginning to follow their own paths towards spiritual freedom.
This is the world we live in, extremely demanding, yet with opportunities beyond compare in the history of Mankind.
The motto now is choice. We no longer have to do what our mother, father, priest or boss tells us to do. We have to make our own decisions. Right or wrong, they are ours. This freedom is priceless.
As you see, the world is giving us a sign. Change.
No matter how much change we constantly see around us, it is from within that it really starts. 
And you, have you started yours?

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  1. I'm glad with the new post...only recently i discovered this blog! The messages...it's always importante read them over and over, in portuguese, our in english.