Testimonials of "The Book of Light"

Hello Alexandra,

I would like to tell you my opinion regarding “The Book of Light”.
For me, this book is much more than a simple book. I consult it everyday with a simple question like – “what is the message Jesus has for me?” or “what do I need to know?” And the message always comes at the right time. At the beginning I was completely amazed, I just wondered “is it really for me?” And then, something would happen along the day that would always made me understand the meaning of the answer. It was as if in the morning He gave me His wise advice for the day. Then I started to accept it - ok this is for me. Now the book already makes part of my spiritual journey, wherever I go I always take “The Book of Light” with me.
I thank Jesus for this heavenly gift and Alexandra for accepting to be His channel, guiding us in this wonderful journey of self-discovery and for finally finding the meaning of my life.

With Love
Isabel Sousa 

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