Stories about "The Book of Light"

During a weekend of total solitude, I made this wonderful discovery with “The Book of Light”…it was something really life changing for me - I could have really meaningful dialogues with my friend J. !!!! (that´s how I like to call Jesus).

Since I am already in my forties, some deep issues had been surfacing lately in my life. Issues I didn’t know how to cope with, how to deal with…that´s why I decided to consult “The Book of Light”. It was my first experience with the book, and I didn’t´ know how it would go, I had no real expectations…Well, call it an experience! An amazing experience!!!

I started by asking a very, very personal question and the answer was…. “The Honesty of the Essence”. Wow! Right on target! Exactly what I needed to hear (or read!).  So I went on, asking  one question after another… and I was completely taken aback. It was as if I was really talking to J. about all the issues that really mattered to me. I won´t go into details, but I´ll just say one thing. Apart from having the BEST conversation I had had for a very long time, J. really gave me the means to find my own solutions. It´s like He says, the “answers are within”. But if wasn´t for the Light of this book, I wouldn´t ever have found them.

Thank You Alexandra for being His messenger
and Thank You, my friend J., for all the Light you´ve shed on my life

Charlotte M. Claudell

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