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I don´t have any stories to tell about "The Book of Light"...but I can share, with all the gratitude in my heart, all the occasions in which I felt such a deep emotion to see how the messages matched exactly what I was experiencing in that moment. It is a very good feeling of not being alone anymore!

Wish you all the best,

I just wanted to thank you for the teachings of "The Book of Light" and for your course as well. Thank you for helping me on my spiritual journey, and thank you Jesus, for being our Great Master.

Otília Silveira

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  1. The emotional connection to Spirit is incredible. As you read each passage there is a deep sense of knowing.. of recognition that this is truth on the most simple basic level directly from Source.. you can feel it in your heart. I read a segment of the book each day and find comfort, support and guidance through the messages and the energy that flows off of each page.