"Become A Healer with the Energy of Jesus"

An Online Course by Alexandra Solnado
Available at Daily Om

The online course "Become a Healer" teaches you how to perform Spiritual Cleansings, using the information and techniques transmitted to Alexandra by Jesus.
You will learn how to cleanse yourself, other people, places and planet earth of "energetic densities" that can block the soul's evolution.
According to the information that Alexandra has received from Jesus, two types of energetic density exist:
- Emotional density, consisting of emotions inherited from past lives
- Planet density, provoked through materialism and human ego impulses

This exclusive course, and the exercises and meditations that accompany it, not only address the problem of density: It also provides an easy and practical guide to cleansing yourself of the wear and tear of daily life and shows you ways to "re-energize."

 Step by step you will become a healer. A healer of souls.

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