Allowing Yourself to Feel

Allow yourself to just feel. Just as you are feeling now. Respect this. There are times when you will not want to feel what you are feeling, times when you would prefer to be feeling something else.
“I know that the course of events should not be altered, yet I am feeling the opposite.”
What you are feeling is what you should be feeling. Respect and honor this. Honor what you are feeling, for this is your most precious gift.
Everything you have done up until this moment, everything you have experienced up until now, has done nothing other than prepare you for this important truth.
You are what you feel. You are what you love.
And you may come up against hurricanes, tornados, and wickedness. But until you accept what you feel, even if it means losing everything, even if it leaves you in the depths of despair . . . until you accept what you feel, you will be unable to be a human being with a defined energetic system. Your energetic system will be vague, slippery, and hostile.
What you feel is your most precious gift. However, for your light to shine you have to accept your feelings and, most important, follow them through.
Acceptance is only part of the process.
And you don’t want to leave things unfinished, do you?


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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