A Day Just for Me

I would like to see you smile.
I would like you to sing to me.
I would like you to dedicate a day to me only.
To hear me, to feel me, especially to feel me.
I would like you to dedicate a day to me, a day free of sadness and lamentations.A day consisting only of energy. The energy of love.
I want you to feel me, calmly and freely, like an allegorical rhythm of light.
You would remain like this, still, simply feeling, and you would slowly begin to let me in. First I would enter into your heart, and you would immediately begin to feel my love.
Then this energy would begin to enter into every unknown part of your essence, your body, and your energy. Then your own light would emerge.
After having dedicated some time to me, I would shine even brighter within you.
As this day that you offer me draws to a close, I would slowly begin to leave you. But I would leave you there, still, vibrating for me. And I, from up above, would be happy for having been able to bring a little more light to earth, through you.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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