Stories about "The Book of Light"

Thanks to teachings from The Book of Light, I always ask myself now– What can I do today to experience a new emotion?... My world has radically changed since I got Message 237 – “Reprogramming” and then “New Emotions”.

 I try to taste something different or new at the place where I have lunch, I´m listening to a different radio station each day and  broadening my musical “repertoire”, I´m reading a new poem by unknown authors, and, as an entirely new project, I´m learning Italian on-line!

I know, they seem small petty things, but they´re not, these are just my first steps. And I am already feeling the changes.  I feel more audacious, more dynamic and ready to experience whatever comes…or at least open to it.  So far, one of my major and deeper changes has been learning to let go of control.  I´m not wearing a watch anymore, I´m not expecting people to do exactly want we had agreed to do, I´m not worried if I miss a phone call, or two, or three…I have never felt so free!

By the end of the day I go back to where I started and I just recall…what did I do differently today? Afterwards I just feel grateful for being able to change things in my own life in such a simple and easy way. Everyday.

Best Wishes with this blessing Book.
Martin Sparrow

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