Energetic Connections

Everything you do has repercussions. All your actions have consequences.
No matter how innocent your actions are, the consequences will not take long in coming.
No matter how small the deflection, it is always necessary to go back and harmonize things.
Think about this:
The Universe is energetically perfect. At this precise moment, everything is as it should be—in order to accomplish the mission it was destined for.
When man tampers with the natural order of things, he is disharmonizing that which cannot be disharmonized.
What do I mean by this? I mean that whether you like it or not, whatever is moved needs to be put back in its rightful place.
It is inevitable.
So whenever you harm someone, no matter how small the act, think about the fact that sooner or later you will experience what this person has experienced, so that the axle of emotions—hurt/be hurt, can be harmonized.
Whether you are teasing or mocking someone, remember that sooner or later you too will find yourself being mocked.
Nature never fails.
So take a close look at the energetic connections that tie you to the people you have harmed or to the unpleasant things you have provoked. If you can salvage things, then do so.
Try to harmonize things before life sends you an unpleasant situation as a way of reharmonizing.
If you are not able to salvage things, try to spread love and light around you, so that the energy that surrounds you recognizes that you have changed and spares you the consequences of your former acts.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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