Learn to recognize what is at the core of your heart.
At any time, you have a number of priorities.
They may be professional, familial, or of the heart.
However, I never seem to see people with emotional priorities.
An emotional priority is something that you have to experience regardless of whether it is good or bad, pretty or ugly. It doesn’t matter what form it takes.
For your soul to continue toward evolution, for it to keep going at a steady pace, you need to experience different emotions. To unblock. To liberate yourself. To keep moving forward.
Do this:
Think of a situation that has been repeating itself for some time.
What emotion does it provoke in you?
Have you covered up or blocked out this emotion? Have you allowed yourself to dissolve in a sea of tears each time it appears, which may be poignant but is not really liberating?
Blocking out an emotion when it arises could be the reason why these situations keep repeating themselves.
This is your emotional priority. Now is the time to try to unearth this emotion, for it may well be hidden. You have not paid it the attention it deserves.
Go to your heart.
Learn to see what is inside, at its core.
Accept that emotion.
Open your heart, and let the negative energy out.
And then calm yourself.
When we accept our priorities, everything begins to fall into place and life becomes a pleasure rather than a sea of confusion.
Your emotional priorities are your most important priorities. After all, they are lodged in your heart, which is your most sacred place.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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