Testimonials - "The Book of Light"

Hello Alexandra, I am reading “The Book of Light” and it is wonderful! I never read anything like that, I just feel I´m speaking with Jesus very closely. I was wondering how could you communicate with him so I checked your site and you have many spiritual books as well.

I'm going right now through a very difficult economical situation. I lost my job and I learned that this is a learning situation for me and this book is sending light into my soul and I feel more comfortable and for some reason I'm not afraid any more, I have hope. I learned that I'm not doing what I´m supposed to do in my life, I was in the wrong place all the time and now I try to find my real place in life. I have to figure out how to develop God's creativity in myself. And that will make me very happy at last, because I always felt that I wasn't doing my real job in this world. I also learn that instead of focusing on making money I should focus on "How can I help people improve their lives in different ways." And I really love these.

Thanks for your Book of Light. God Bless You.
Love Cristina

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