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In the beginning of September, after a much craved and deserved vacation, I returned to work only to be confronted with arrogant and authoritarian behaviour from my boss, something that had come up before, and that left me completely disheartened. The wish to end my contract began to grow, and the will to head on in search of professional fulfilment, and therefore happiness, became more and more urgent. So I remembered to ask Jesus for an advice. Who better than Him to help me make the right choice?!

I disclosed my questions to “The Book of Light”:  “Please, Jesus, please comment on whether this desire I have to leave my job and establish myself professionally on my own…is it the right choice for my life, or not? The symbols lead me to the message 49 – Change. Although the title is obvious, at the time, the message was not completely enlightening. So I asked Jesus if He could be more explicit regarding the dialogue we had started. Once again I picked out two symbols and they took me to the message “Passion”, where Jesus tells us, among other things that we should dedicate ourselves to doing something in life with our soul.

But I still felt I needed some more help, and asked the initial question again, adding:” Is it worth the risk, Jesus? Because I am afraid to do it and end up replacing security with uncertainty”. I picked out two more symbols and they lead me to the most clarifying and unequivocal answer that not only enlightened my heart but helped me to take my first steps towards my liberation – Message “Taking Risks”.

Nowadays, I am still working for others, at the same place where I used to work, yet I am on the next stage of my professional project. I am already looking for a place that will allow me to set up my professional activity. I believe I will make it and have no intention of giving up.

Paula Cristina Marques

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