Stories about "The Book of Light"

I consult “The Book of Light” everyday and I always use the symbols, placing my conscience on my chest (heart chakra) and breathing deeply; the act of matching the symbols is always magical, as Jesus tells us. I keep on trying to learn and accept the parameters of my essence. Sometimes, some of the messages (answers) are not easy to understand, but by reading them two or three times I become enlightened. Let me tell you about a small incident that took place:
A few months ago, I picked up “The Book of Light” and was just starting my ritual of consulting the book…when the book just opened it itself up naturally, so to speak, on a message (Message 232 – “Thank You”). I read the message and I felt it was the one I needed at that moment. Then I picked out the symbols and…when I went to check the number of the message, it was exactly the same one where the book had opened up by itself, at random (Message 232 - Thank You).
This little and unexpected coincidence is just a simple episode, but it shows how Jesus is aware of people’s wishes when they ask for help. I always receive beautiful messages that come up at the right moments – answers that help me grow spiritually, although I still have a long “way” to go.

A big hug from a friendly student
Carmo (78 years old)

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