Meditation and spiritual cleansing are the two most important things that exist.
A person that is disconnected and has density is a person that lacks an inner life, someone that who has no life of his own.
Someone that is always focused on others, worried about what others will think or say.
Someone who needs to please others in order to be accepted.
Someone who needs the approval of others in order to be who he is.
A person that is disconnected and has density will never discover his essence, the original source of his life there on earth, the vessel that transports spiritual information, his mission and his path in life.
A person without a spiritual life is a machine, a robot, a being that is always subservient to others – and you know that the ego is always ready to serve someone.
It is time to free yourself, to cut the chains, to stop paying so much attention to the ego, to connect and to ascend. It is time to find a life of fulfillment in the midst of density, down there in matter.
A person that is disconnected is an unhappy person.
That is not how you wish to be is it?


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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