Taking Risks

Fear of making mistakes. This is where the problem lies. Everyone has a fear of making mistakes. And because of this they do not take risks, they do not grow, and they do not fly.
When you take risks, you learn, let down barriers and gain self confidence, even if you do make mistakes.
And if you do make mistakes, you just count your blessings, deal with your sadness, tend to your wounds and give you self time to grieve.
To err is to learn. To err is to grow.
Does it hurt? Of course it hurts. No one likes to fail. But if nobody ventured out through fear of failing, what type of world would we live in?
If conquerors had feared the sea, maritime disasters, storms, and monsters, what would the world be like today? There would be but a handful of countries and very little else.
Take a risk. Take a risk, but put all your heart into it. Do it out of love.
Do not take risks for personal gain, just because you will receive things.
Take risks because your soul is pleading for you to move forward, because your intuition tells you to do so at an energetic level.
Venture out, and go in search of the new world, which is only available to those who devoutly believe that they can fly.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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