You have to do what you have to do. You have to go through the things you need to go through.
Everything that appears before you in life is to be lived and experienced to the full.
If you try to run away from things, you will only end up delaying this thorny journey that you are required to pass through.
Whenever you attract an event, person, or situation in your life, whenever this confrontation takes place, it is because it is time for you to experience this at the most deepest level that you are capable of.
If you neither wanted nor believed that you could go through this, you would have anticipated events and made choices that would have produced a different outcome.
And in doing so, you would have attracted other situations to go through. But this is the situation that you have attracted now and now is the moment to let yourself experience it.
Would you like some advice?
Do not run away. Let yourself go through what you need to go through, learn from the experience, and then move on to something new.
Use this opportunity to experience things to the full, to go as far as you can possibly go. This situation is now your mentor. It is here that you will learn. It is here that you will evolve.
And when the torment is over, when you have learned the lesson, look up to the sky, and you will see that another star has been placed there in your honor. And I will follow you, protecting you wherever you go.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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