To feel protected is to count on God. To count on us, up here, to help you through each moment of your journey. Wherever life passes, whatever you go through, count on us. We, from up here, have the ability to help you, to guide you. Count on us to guide you along every path you intend to take.
Recognize that everything you touch outside yourself must come from within you. Otherwise, it will be of no use energetically. Illuminate your way with our light to allow time for your own light to shine.
Come up to heaven, ask questions, entrust us with each issue, each situation. And really feel the direction of the wind. For it is the wind that will guide you down there. Feel how each situation has its own energy and how the magic comes from allowing us to guide you to where the most marvelous transformations may take place. For you are there to transform.
Ask for protection. Feel the way and ask for protection. And understand that, with heaven’s blessing, man can reach the end of the world.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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