Revealing Yourself

Reveal yourself. Reveal yourself. Reveal yourself.
That is all I can say to you.
I can and must tell you to reveal yourself, to reveal what you came here to do, to open your heart and soul.
If people do not understand, then they simply do not understand.
But that is not an excuse for not being who you are and revealing it to the world.
The world exists only so that you may reveal yourself without fear of being rejected.
Without fear of being ridiculed.
How many things do you fail to do because you fear being exposed?
How many experiences have you missed because you feared erring?
Fear of making mistakes stops a person from revealing himself.
And the less he reveals himself, the more he sinks into a well of conformity and monotony.
The day will arrive when this person wakes up and no longer knows who he is because he has been in constant hiding from himself and others. He does not know who he was. And he has no idea who he will become.
Life is made up of experiences. Every time you reject an experience for fear of being exposed, for fear of making mistakes and being judged, every time you give up on yourself because you do not wish to be exposed and judged, you are cheating your soul of experiences. And by cheating it of experiences you are also cheating it of knowledge and wisdom.
Never forget. What matters is not whether you make mistakes.
What matters is not whether you stop making mistakes. The world is dual and imperfect. You are dual and imperfect, and consequently it is more than likely that you will continue to make mistakes regardless of whether or not you reveal yourself.
What matters is how you react to those mistakes, what you learn from them, and how much you evolve from the mistake you have made.
It is a different logic, I am aware of that. But it is the way things are.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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