Picture yourself like the dawn. What is dawn? It is the birth of a new day.
And with a new day comes so much wisdom.
The wisdom of days gone by, which contains experience acquired through the passage of time and the wisdom of being at zero with a whole new day ahead of you.
Zero in the sense of knowing that what is on its way is new, different, and unfamiliar. And sometimes even incomprehensible.
But the day knows that what is on its way is meant for it. For some known or even unknown reason, everything that arrives is intended for this day.
So that it may feel, understand, assimilate, and evolve.
And always, always cleanse.
Cleanse the things that do not belong to this day but that came and remained. Cleanse what is part of this day, the old density acquired because cleansing was put off for so long. Cleanse what belongs to it and is recent, and bring things up to date.
Be like the dawn.
With dawn comes the wisdom of the past and the ignorance of the future.
And it is here. Ready to begin.
Despite the storms. Despite the distressful days. Despite the rain, the cold, and the sadness.
The dawn knows that it must advance. Daybreak is about to take place, and there is nothing that can stop the sun from rising, even when clouds loom.
Be like the dawn.
Let your past instruct you, but do not allow it to hold up the present and even less so the future.
Be open to what you do not yet know. Keep yourself intact for what is yet to arrive.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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