My Love

Give them my love.
That is all. Give them my love.
Give them the love that you receive from me.
Do whatever you need to do so that my love reigns in your heart.
Do your best to remove density and the negative and destructive memories, and emotions that exist.
Try to avoid having rage, hate, envy, and bitterness in your emotional system.
Reach into your pain as much as you need to, deactivate your memory and then ascend. When you arrive here, make sure that you are light, fresh and crystalline, so that my love can be blessed, so that my love can embrace the world through your vibrations.
And when you are out on the streets, when you talk to people, when you are where you need to be in your daily life, the enormous amount of love that I feel for humanity will burst forth from you and invade the whole planet.
And you will know that it is I.
You will know that it is I that has invaded the streets, and people’s souls.
And everything will become clearer.
And everything will become cleaner.
And everything will take on the vibrations of heaven, because this is the only way that man has of returning home.


The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer,
Alexandra Solnado

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